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Hole-In-One Fund
A Hole-in-One made at any officially sanctioned NGA event wins the  fund.
As per NGA By-Laws; any member hitting an ace will collect 90% of the
Hole-in-One fund.
(Retaining 10% of the fund will ensure we always have a balance for additional aces.)
An officially sanctioned event (outing & golf trips) must be available for all members to attend. Events MUST be posted on the NGA web site and  in the current newsletter.
Hole-in-One assessment covers eligible members at all NGA events for the calender year.
Hole-in-One fund can be won on NGA sanctioned golf trips.
In case of daily multi-round outings, fund cannot be won if second round is a teamed event (scramble).
Fund will carry over year to year.
Fund closes on May 1st annually. After which new or delinquent members will have the option to buy into the fund at each outing for the cost of $5.00 per outing.
Hole-in-One Assessment Fees
Discounted Rate (If paid before Jan. 31) $15.00
Regular Fee $20.00
New or Delinquent members (per outing) $5.00 (After May 1st)
NGA "hole-in-One Fund" is exclusive to NGA members. Guests can not buy into the fund.

(2006) Members Eligible for Fund

Butts, Bob Horan, Bill Sinkiewicz, Marty


Coombs, John Litwin, Ray Taylor Harvey
Costello, Jack Mahal, Frank Zemo, Tim
Dunphy, Joe Margicin, John  
Flaucher, Jeff Matosky, Mark  
Freer, Fred Mundy, Dave  
Hanson, Gary Murtha, Mike  
Heller, Doug Pajcic, Bruce


Heller, Terry    
    Total = $2,716 as of   02/15/06
    Hole-In-One Fund
Current Balance
1st Ace; $2000.00
2nd Ace $716.00

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