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Nomads Fall Schedule

October 14th- 1st Annual N.G.A. Club Championships!

(See details below under GOLF TOURNAMENTS) Costs for this outing due NO LATER than Wednesday, October 3rd.

November 11th- 1st Annual N.G.A. Fall Classic 2-Men Best Ball Tournament at Cape May National in Cape May N.J. or Sand Barrens in Swainton, N.J. This 2-men team outing will be held on one of these South Jersey courses in Early November. Play your own ball; best score between partners per hole is team score!

Golf Trips

Ocean City Md.- 2 Day/ 1 night trip to southern Delaware. Saturday golfing The Rookery Golf Links. Sunday play two (2) rounds at Bear Trap Dunes. Being planned for Mid-November.

Myrtle Beach 2002- looking ahead to next summer! Instead of the Southern Pines trip, we will be looking into a 4-day/ 3-night trip to Myrtle Beach for the summer of 2002. We are looking at mid May-June 2002 for this trip!

Outing Results & Trip Reviews

June 19th Solstice Survival at "The Links at Gettysburg"- We would like congratulate four local golfers for participating in this years Solstice Survival that was held on June 19th. Competing in this 54-hole one-day event was Nomads Roger Morrell and Clay Faufelds. Roger held his own being the oldest participant in this marathon. And for Clay’s part, he showed he could still golf & drink with anyone in the tri-state area. Clay has two-loves, golf and CROWN ROYAL! Great combination!

Scores for the two Nomads and friends were;

Alan Kepich (14 HDCP.) - 96 / 88 / 96 / GROSS 280 / 238 Net

Clay Faufelds (23 HDCP.)- 106 / 98 / 104 / GROSS 308 / 239 Net

Dan Kepich (28 HDCP.) - 104 / 102 / 104 / GROSS 310 / 226 Net

Roger Morrell (23 HDCP.) - 122 / 100 / 119 / GROSS 341 / 272 Net

July 22nd Honeybrook G.C. Outing- Great track! Honeybrook didn’t let us down! The course was in great shape. The consensus of the golfers attending this outing was, "these were the smoothest greens we’ve played this year"! With just four-Nomads playing this links style course. The round was like a walk in the park. Teeing off around 11:30 in the morning, the temperature had rose near 88 degrees, but with a gentle breeze between 8-12 mph, the sun felt great. But the best, the round only took 4 hours & 10-minutes to play. Didn’t feel hot at all. The first of five par-3’s, the 3rd hole a 185-yard. Playing for the Nomads was Fred Freer, flying in from Atlanta, Ga. Tim Zemo, Bob Butts and Terry Heller. Fred Freer nailed his tee shot to about 15 feet to win the money. The next winning par-three was the 227-yard par-3 10th. With a carry-over, Terry Heller hit his tee shot on the green, leaving him a 90 feet birdie shot, but he was on the green and took the money (and three-putted for a bogey). The other two par-3’s ended up draws; none of the 4-golfers came close in putting a tee shot on the dance floor. In other action of the day was a team skins game; Bob Butts & Terry Heller won the highly competitive match against Fred Freer & Tim Zemo.

August 17th-19th Pinehurst 2001- Friday, August 17th we opened our trip at The Carolina. Saturday we played Hyland Hills Golf Club, then off to the Tobacco Road Golf Club. For the most part everyone loved all three courses. But we heard nothing but praise from all 12 Nomads about the ROAD. Each day there was two closest to the Pin contests, and a flighted handicapped skins game was contested for all! For the record, the winner of the skin competition was Douglas Heller winning 15 holes out of the 54 being competed. Coming in a distant 2nd place was Rick Foley taking 8-skins for the Nomads. followed by Terry Heller in third winning 7-skins. It just wasn’t the golfers verses the course, but the golfers against the weather! HAZY, HOT and HUMID! On the first day’s closest to the pins, stepping up winning the 4th hole was Tim Zemo hitting his tee shot 24 feet to the hole. On the back nine’s closest was the 14th 134 yard par3, winning that hole was Tony Bauer, snuggling the ball up to the pin to 12 feet. Day two was

(Continued) completely different than the first. It started off the same, but at the turn, the clouds opened up! Lightning, and heavy rain. So a break to the clubhouse, ok, the bar! After the sun came back out, beautiful weather was there for the remainder of the day. Winning the front "closest to he pin" was Rick Foley. Winning the back’s "closest to the pin" was the hottest golfer, Doug Heller.

Douglas also won 12 skins on Saturday. Then came the toughest course most of these golfers have ever played. Tobacco Road! Once again Douglas Heller paced

(View from the fairway on the par-5 4th hole at Honeybrook)

4thhbrook.jpg (15682 bytes)

the competition for the closest to the pin! Golfing out of the 1st group, Doug hit

his tee shot to 12 feet, and it stayed the closest through out the rest of the golfers. On the 53rd hole of the trip, was the last "closest to the pin" contest.

Setting the bar in the 1st group this time was Terry Heller. Nailing his tee shot to 10 feet. To his surprise, his shot held serve the rest of the way. In all, everyone seemed to have a good time down in Southern Pines. The golf courses were in great shape, and the beer was cold. The only thought was maybe we should make our trip down to the Pinehurst trip either earlier or later in the year to get away from the HOT weather.

September 16th @ Chisel Creek G.C. Outing- Sixteen Nomads & guests made to one-hour trip to Landenberg, Pa. Talk about high rough! If you wandered off the fairways or greens too much, the only choice you had was to just hack it back in play. The over all condition of the course was great! Smooth greens and the fairways and tee boxes were in immaculate condition. Winning the par-3 third hole closest to the pin was John Schailey, hitting his tee shot 12 feet from the hole. On the demanding 8th, a 198-yard par-3, Bob Butts nailed his tee shot just 10 feet from the hole. Winning the par-3 11th hole, using a wedge to hit his shot to just 4 feet from the hole was Douglas Heller. Taking the purse on the 16th was Bob Simpson, hitting his tee shot on the 148 yard par-3 to just 21 feet. The shot of the day came from Tom Boyce, chipping in for a birdie on the 2nd hole a par-4 331 yards, from 40 yards.

September 18th, Hulmeville Inn 4-Men Team Scramble-

Golden Oaks GC hosted the scramble for the Hulmeville Inn. Nomads where seen everywhere! Competing under the Nomad flag was Tim Zemo, Tom Boyce, Dave Munday, Bob Butts, Bill Gaillard and Terry Heller. The last three teamed up to finish in third place w/ 8 under par. Terry Heller ‘s 293-yard drive on the uphill 508-yard par-5 11th won the longest drive competition for the day’s outing. While Bob Butts & Bill Gaillard won 3 days/ 2 night vacations for hitting the green on the par-3 ninth.

September 11th Bi-Monthly Meeting

Details for the Nomads Club Championships were discussed. (See related story below) New business for the club opened with talk of a Myrtle Beach trip instead of the Pinehurst trip for year 2002. Tom Boyce winning the Majors Pool, winning $110. A hot topic of discussion was how we could get more golfers to join, and more members to become active. To date we have 10 members that haven’t even been to one outing out of the seven we have had from March - September. Of the 31 members listed in our charter, only 15 are current in dues. The consensus of the members attending was, we would rather have 16-24 active members instead of 24-36 members just not interested in club activities. Tim Zemo and Tom Boyce will work with Shirt Gallery for a golf shirt design.

Golf Tournaments

8th Annual Realtors Golf Scramble Outing -

On Monday, October 29th. At Spring Mills Country Club on Rt.#332 north of Richboro, Pa. Cost for this event is $125.00 per man. Price includes; green fees, lunch, dinner, prizes, contests, and a 3-hour open bar. $1000.00 for 1st place. See or call Rick Foley for more details.

1st Annual Nomads Golf Association’s Championship

On Sunday, October 14th, at Royal Oaks GC in Lebanon, Pa. will host the 1st Annual N.G.A. Championships. The cost for this event is $55.00 which includes; green fees, carts, buffet, beer, closest to the pin contests, putting contest, prizes, gifts and much more. All fees for this event MUST be paid NO LATER THAN October 1st!

2nd Annual TinCup Challenge-

A Ryder Cup styled outing pitting The Hulmeville Inn golf team against the Happy Hour Cafe golf team. Three types of match play matches will be played. Singles, 2-men best ball, and 2 men scramble matches. This outing is by invitation only! If you and a partner are interested in competing in this outing, contact either Tom Boyce or Terry Heller by October 15th with your interest to play in this annual event. Cost for this event should be around $70.00.

From the President

Questionnaire Results- The membership was asked to fill out and return a questionnaire so we could get a feeling on where, when and how we could run our 1st annual club championship. The results of the returned forms are as follows. We asked when you thought was a good time for the outing and if you were going to attend the outing? 75% of you told us that the most convenient date would be October 14th. We gave a list of 12 courses where we would like to play the outing. The price we received from Royal Oaks GC was to good to pass up, and will be the venue for our first championship. The type of championship play, based on the returned questionnaires by the membership is a 2-men team scramble, with a blind draw for picking partners. By all means, these results are not written in stone! The officers of this golf club would like to see a large turnout for this our 1st championship. So we will try to work with all of the members to assure the outings format and date will accommodate the most participants. Hope to see you all on the 14th! Tommy Boyce

Joke of the Month- On husband and wife day at La Quinta in Palm Springs, a husband drove straight down the 1st fairway. Taking over, his wife sliced the next shot 100-yards into the rough. The husband gritted his teeth and put the next shot 5 feet from the pin. His wife’s preceded to blast the putt past the pin, into a deep trap! Delicately, the man lifted the ball back to the green-where it rolled into the cup. He turned to his wife, and said" we’ll have to do a bit better than that from now on dear! The hole was a bogey-5." "Don’t give me a hard time," snapped his wife! "Only 2 of those strokes were mine!"

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Course Review: Sand Barrens G.C. in the southern New Jersey town of Swainton. Located on Rt.#9 15 miles north of Rio Grand is this 27- hole upscale golf club. The driving time getting to this course from Lower Bucks County is a short 1 hour and 30 minutes. The course’s name reflects what’s in store for your round of golf at Sand Barrens GC. golfing there. Sand, sand and more sand! On average, each of the 27-holes has an average of 1.5 acres of the white stuff either surrounding the greens or outlining the fairways like a bowling alley. With some of the fairway bunkers sitting more than 10 feet below the fairway. Hitting the fairways and greens are the keys to playing this golf course. The course is visually intimidating but playable for the weekend golfer. The yardage for the West / South Course is 6598 from the mid tee boxes with the slope rating listed at 127 and a rating of 70.5. The North/West Course plays the longest from the middle tees, but at 6772 yards; the big difference is the slope rating of 133. Most of the fairways on all three nine are on average between 40-50 yards wide. The only negative on this course is the spring-summer green fees. The in-season rates run between $85.00-$105.00 for weekday and weekend rates respectively. But after early November the green fee s drop down to around $65.00 for weekend play. It appears the Sand Barrens GC or near by Cape May National GC will be the course for the up coming 2-men Best Ball Nomads Tournament in November.

The "Majors Pool" Final Standings

Tom Boyce 35 Jaybird II 11.2

Jim Walsh 25 Les Heller 7.5

Tony Bono 22 Tim Zemo 4

Jaybird 13 John Madden 1.2

Douglas Heller 12.25 John Malloy 0

Terry Heller 11.5

Membership Info - As our membership grows; we will need the effort and support of every member to sustain the web site and the newsletter deliveries. With membership dues at a minimum of $1.00 per month, we need the help of every member to help the growth of the N.G.A. As of this mailing the membership has grown to 32 members. But we only have 16 of 32 members’ current in dues. It will take every member’s efforts to keep this club’s growth going through the years ahead. You can make your dues payments to Tom Boyce or Terry Heller at all Nomads bi-monthly meetings. Thanks for your support and participation!