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February / March Issue

Welcome members

As outing organizer of the Nomads Golf Group, I would like to welcome all of the members to this golf association. While coming up with the idea of starting this group, Tom Boyce and I thought of some way golfers like ourselves could arrange playing golf more frequently, and weather permitting, play year round. Hopefully we will arrange the outings so that our wish to golf, and promote our members interest in a fraternity and bond our mutual interest to the game of golf.

Quote of the Month "I’m going to a special place when I die, but I want to make sure my life is special while I’m here."

Payne Stewart 1999


Boy do we have a tournament for you. The 8th Annual Solstice Survival run by Washington Golf monthly is the outing to play if you enjoy playing more than 18 holes a day. Stamina is the key word here. Fifty-four holes in one day! You read right! 54 HOLES. This year’s outings will be played on six different days at five different courses. All of the courses having either 4-star or 5-star ratings by Golf Digest. With a price tag set at $235.00 per golfer and a $25.00 donation to the Special Olympics any one can play in this event. The cost includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beverages during your rounds of golf and tournament favors.

The best thing about this tournament isn’t playing all of those holes. It’s the courses they play them on. Below are the dates and venues the Solstice Survival will be contested this year. Hopefully we can get four of our members interested in competing. If any one is interested in playing in this outing. Please let our club organizer know, and he will give you all of the phone numbers and addresses you’ll need to get you to the first tee. These outings fill up fast, so if you’re interested in playing, call or contact Terry Heller. Reservations are a first come, first entered basis. With sign up period starting on December 13,2000.




(Tentative dates) Nomads / Winter and Early Spring Outing Schedule

Date Course Rain date Back-course_________________

February 18, 2001 BACK CREEK GC Feb. 25, 2001___ SEA OAKS GC________ ___

March 18, 2001 SCOTLAND RUN GC March 25, 2001___ SAND BARRENS GC __ ___

Courses chosen by the membership at January 10,2001 Nomads Golf meeting.

New Years Resolutions for 2001

Read "The Rules of Golf". That’s the only way to catch your partner cheating!

Re-grip my clubs.

Cancel my subscription to Golf Digest, How many times can I read "Cure your slice forever"?

Throw away my 1-iron. Trevino was right. And if God can’t hit a 1-iron, how could I possibly hit one?

Stop using gloves. They’re expensive, they dry out in my bag and they wreck my tan. Besides I’ll have new grips.

Take fewer practice swings. It’s obvious they don’t work!

Quit laughing at that joke about, "Hit ball drag George."

Make a hole in one, with witnesses.

Put Band-Aids in my golf bag. I’ll probably need them for the blisters I’ll get from not wearing gloves.

Read "Five Lessons" by Ben Hogan. The best instructional book ever written. Now if I could only play like Hogan.

Try to play 1 round with Tommy Boyce without saying, "Go ahead Tom, and Hit another ball."

Quit making stupid resolutions about golf.

Nomads Tee Time procedure

To reserve a spot in any of the club outings listed above. Contact the outing organizer.

Let him know which outing you are would like to attend and how many guests (if any) you will be bringing. All reservations must be made no later than 10 days prior the outing. Tee times will be made 1 week prior to the outing date. There will be no additional tee times available once the tee times are filled. Three- (3) days prior to outing, a full green fee payment will be due to confirming your reservation. If payment is not received 48 hours prior to tee times. Your tee times will be canceled. All golf courses require a credit card to reserve tee times and if we bring fewer golfers than reserved, the credit card would be charged. This is the reason we have to receive the full payment for all tee times. In case of inclement weather, golf courses will not charge credit card, and we will be able to cancel inside of 24 hours and receive a full refund. Once we have money from dues to open a checking account and get a cash card with the account, this procedure may be changed.

SHOTS OF THE MONTH- Score an Eagle? Hole in one? Or that 60-foot birdie putt. Read it here. On what hole, how many yards out, what club(s) you used, and who else saw you make that memorable shot.

Nomads Golf Association Classified

Club(s) for sale? Looking to buy clubs? Arranging a golf trip? Need golfers for a golf trip or outing?

If you have any old clubs or new for that matter just sitting around you’re house just collecting dust? Place a free ad in our BI-monthly newsletter. All golf equipment or golf items (pictures, logo balls, golf destination rental units) can be posted. Post an ad here free.

To post an ad, e-mail or mail your ad to or T. Heller 94 Heartwood Rd. Levittown, Pa. 19056

Winter Golfing- Most of us play golf during the summer months. Rarely we do even think about golfing till The Masters Tournament is on TV. But with the inception of this golf association those days have passed. Golfing in the winter is a lot like hunting for deer. You want to be out there, you don’t want to freeze, but it’s better than being home working around the house. For the most part I will hit the golf course only if its at least 45 degrees and sunny. One more condition can kill a good round of golf, and that is the wind. Only if the wind is NO MORE than 10 MPH will I ever consider golfing the winter season. Like back in early December, one Sunday we found it 63 degrees. We can get lucky and we will have these kinds of days for your outings. If not, that’s why we will be scheduling rain dates with every outing we schedule. With golfing in the winter you’ll have to wear layers of clothing. And if your lucky, some days you’ll end up taking a layer or two off. We’ll do our best to arrange the tee times around the warm part of the day. Some of the time around 10 am tee times. We have one thing in our favor. The weather channel and most of the TV stations in our area will have 5-day predictions and we will be able to see if the Sunday were golfing is in the range and conditions of temperature we golf at. If the weather is not to our liking, we will then cancel tee-times as player’s bail out for weather conditions. So keep an eye to the Weather Channel, and get those tee-times reserved. Were golfing this winter!

The Masters Tournament Pool - The Masters is right around the corner! And as always we will be running our annual Masters Pool. If you haven’t been in it before it’s run this way. You’ll get a full list of The Masters field. You pick your own team of four (4) players plus one (1) alternate. Four of your players must make the cut in the tournament. And the team with the lowest combine score wins the pool. You can use your alternate ONLY if one of your other golfers misses the cut, or withdraws. Last year Tommy Boyce won the pool, and took home $230.00 Hopefully we can continue running the pool and increase the pot. Then run a similar pool for each of the other three major tournaments the PGA plays.


For details call Terry Heller at 215-547-2778 or 267-254-3868 or e-mail your article or a golf course review to

Coming soon. The North Coast Golf Show- Held at the Fort Washington Expo,

February 2nd thru 4th. (Friday-Sunday)

Joke of the Month- A man comes home from a day of golfing. His wife asks," How did you play today?" The man replies," I think I’m going to quit. I only hit two solid balls all day long. And that's when I was in a sand trap and stepped on a rake!"

Next Nomads Golf Association Meeting- March 14, 2001 / 8 PM

@ Happy Hour Tavern - (Trenton Rd. & Rt.#413)