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Nomads Golf Association January 13th Meeting

Attending Members
Doug Heller
Terry Heller
John Coombs
Frank Prencavage
Bruce Pajcic
Bob Butts
Frank Mahal
Ray Litwin


Members attended the meeting at the Irish Rover. As per the association's by-laws require no less then 4 full members (10% of the membership) to be in attendance for any rules to be voted upon and changed.

Hole-in-One Fund (Section 10) (Revision Approved)

Golf Trips will be considered an official NGA outing if all the following criteria are met.
First, the golf trip must be organized by a full member of good standing of the NGA (previous year) and open and available for all members of the NGA to attend.
Secondly, all information regarding the trip (contact person with phone and email address, location, arrival and departure dates, all of the courses to be played, all expenses (including green fees, travel, and accommodations), and travel options shall be available to the NGA membership no less then 90 days prior to the golf trip via email to the membership and posted on the NGA website.
Thirdly, more then 50% of the golf trip participants must be full members of good standing of the NGA.
Lastly, if a hole-in-one is hit, it must be witnessed by at least 2 other golfers, one of which must be another NGA member of good standing.

A majority vote on this "by-law" revision was taken place at the Sunday, 13-January-07' NGA meeting. This revision was passed with a majority vote for the change.
Financial Report
Hole -In-1 (#1) $2000
Hole-In-1 (#2) $1800
Checking account $50

The meeting started at approximately 7:15 and adjourned at approximately 8:20.

To sum up the rule changes that were discussed & reviewed at the meeting:

1) (Discussed) At NGA outings, the club will play from the tee boxes whose listed course yardage is closest to 6,300 yards.

2) (Discussed) Anyone who is 60 years of age or more at the time of the outing may elect to play from the tee box in front of the official NGA tee box for that outing. The senior would still qualify to participate in the "low net" and "closest to the pin" competitions as well as hole-in-one at the outing.

3) (Discussed) Any member may elect to play from the tee box in front of where the NGA will play that outing (handicaps will be adjusted to the tee box being played ). However, those members deciding to move up to a closer tee box from the official NGA outing tee box will not be eligible for the hole-in-one fund and closest to the pin contest for that outing.

4) (Discussed) Starting with the 2008 season, each participating member would receive strokes for the event based on 80% of their course handicap (including all club championships).

5) (Discussed) The outing sign-up page on the website shall include the course name, location (city and state), and the yardage, course rating, and slope of the tee boxes to be played.

6) The by-law revision Section #10 (Hole in-1) was passed by a high majority vote to approve revision.

7) The NGA will be looking to have a 3-day/ 2-night Ocean City Maryland golf trip sometime after Memorial Day. Details to follow.

8) Anyone interested in purchasing a VICTORY GOLF PASS BOOK should email Terry Heller at . Books will be purchased at the golf show in Valley Forge at a discount rate.

9) Anyone wanting to suggest a course or date to play a NGA outing this year should contact Doug Heller.

10) 2007 Win-A-Round Drawing will take place at the March 9, 2008 NGA meeting.

11) 2008 NGA Dues are now due, payments can be sent to:
Ray Litwin
6 Vase Lane
Levittown, Pa. 19054

$20 Club Dues
$20 Hole-In-1 Fees
$15 USGA Handicap Service
$55 Total
New members for 2008, please add $10 for initiation fees.
If making your payments after Feb. 15, please add $10 service charge.
Make checks payable to: Nomad Golf Association.