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Sept. Meeting 2008

Match play As we are seeing the matches are dragging on to long. in the June Meeting after players are seated: they will have 6 weeks to get the match done.Then four weeks next match. This isn't working due to Players having family, vacations, weather cancellations, etc. I propose four weeks on each round. If it rains, two weeks after or before. more discussion needed.
Mercer Oaks:

Need to fill spots: If players that were their at first outing would please sign up or send email to Outing coordinator that they will not be able to go. Also need more players to fill the spots. 

Les Heller Is a charter member. Not marked on member sheet. I.E. 2002 news letter, check
Numbers in membership: Why has membership dwindled. Competition was one reason. Family and economy was other reasons too. But Competition was discussed more.
   Discussions from last meeting:
Elections: If  a member wants to be elected for a position in the next running for positions, let executives know. But they must know the duties of the position. And do the job. Many executives are not doing the job they were elected to do. Like go to meetings. If we can't get enough members to do the jobs and work, Make a panel of members that want to do the jobs of the club. Every two years, trade jobs.
Trophy's: Buying bigger trophy's so we don't have to buy every year. Member that wins brings back trophy the next year.

 3- 10" to 12 " trophy's  plus base's  for Match play and A- B flight singles Championship will Still buy  2 team small trophy's

Ryder Cup:  Team set ?? Price ?? Contact will check with organizer

Team Picnic

As Numbers have gotton smaller at picnic, do we continue or have something at course. More Discussion.