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July 20th Meeting


At meeting: Dave K Terry H and Doug H


    Ryder Cup Capt: Dave Kash

  Party: $20 and if anyone wants to bring cover dish or appetizer or wives. Dave is going to get in touch with Joe and Ray. Will need a committee to help out.

     Trophy's : Do we continue to buy small ones? Money prizes ? Or buy two Big ones and tell who wins championship to bring back ever year.??? Discuss in future.

    Hole in one fund: Two parts
  1). Should we put one of the Two $2000 in a CD. Dave Kash works for IRS says we can get over on it. Love those IRS guy's!
  2)Brought up to put to Charity if and when club goes under. Was it in Bylaws. This is a sticky proposition. The way the economy is I can't see this doing this. If some members want this fine, their money goes to the charity. But if some other members want their money back it should go back to them.

   Since we are still not getting enough members that want to help out with the club; appoint a executive panel of 6 or 7 members that want to do the jobs and every 2 years switch positions.
   Executives; are not doing the jobs that they were elected to do. "I didn't bring this up". No newsletter, no money report executives not at meetings. No meeting in June, I thought there was. 
      Team Championship Draw: before after round or at meeting.
    Had at meeting.

Douglas Heller