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March 9th Meeting Agenda


March 9 (7 PM) @ Irish Rover
Old Business
                       Golf Trips - Possible adding a sanctioned trip to Myrtle Beach for later on in the summer seasaon.
                         More details on the Ocean City Md. trip in June 20-22
                     By-Law Revision Ballots (all memebrs can vote in person or by emailing Doug Heller with your proxiy vote). Two (2) proposed changes passed by the executive commmitte fo the membership to vote on.
 New Business - Setting up an Executive Kangaroo court for Section Articail III Section6, Improper golf etiquette & behavior which reflects discredit or a bad appearance to the club either prior, during or after sancationed NGA events. President will go over th details of this new prosedure.
Fimnancial Report
Win-A-Round Drawing (2007)
Actual  By-Law Revision Ballot will be emailed to you within 2-days of this notice. Members can vote at the Mar. meeting or send a proxy vote to Doug Heller at