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2009 News (1-14-09)

By joining the Nomad Golf Association or renewing your membership, you just don't attend outings and pay the high weekend & outing rates like other "golf leagues" in the region.
Once again we will be receiving a discounted price from the VICTORY GOLF PASS book. Also I have two (2) high end courses that are offering a free round of golf to our membership. After receiving your membership dues I'll forward the link to you so you receive your free round of golf.
We also will receive discounted green fee rates from IRON VALLEY GC. If you'd like to purchase this discount, please rely to this email and I'll forward you the details and payment information.
Looking forward to the spring and the 2009 golf season. Hope to see our membership & participation to our outings increase.
If your interested in purchasing a VICTORY GOLF PASS book, please reply to this email before Feb 15.