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Nomads Golf Association

2009 - Members

Chtr = Charter Member

"Executive Committee"
Chairman of the Board - Doug Heller - CHTR Recording Secretary - Frank Prencavage  Rules Chairman -
Outing Coordinator - Doug Heller  - CHTR Treasure - Les Heller - CHTR Handicap Chairman - John Coombs
Competition Chairman - Ray Litwin Web Master - Tim Zemo - CHTR

Email any of the Executive Committee by clicking the person you'd like to contact.


Bob Beck Joe Dunphy


Gary Kershaw Frank. Mahal Harvey. Taylor
Jeff Brendlinger Brian Hauckes Steve Keyes John. Margicin Dave. Wencel - Associate.
John Coombs Doug Heller _- CHTR John Kulesza Frank Macleod Tim Zemo - CHTR
Ed Delfin Lester Heller - CHTR Ray Litwin Bruce Pajcic  
Ken Dierkes Dave Kash Mike Logomarsino Frank Prencavage  


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