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Hole-In-One Fund
  • A Hole-in-One made at any officially sanctioned NGA event wins the current $2000 increment balance.
  • An Official NGA outing (event) must be available for all NGA members to attend; it must be posted on the web site and or listed in the current NGA newsletter.
  • The "Hole-In-One" fund will be capped at $2000.  Additional aces will receive remaining balances or funds in $2000 increments.  By-Law Revision; July 13, 2005
  • Hole-in-One Fund will be in a guaranteed bank account for payment when a member hit's an ace in a NGA event or outing.
  • Hole-in-One assessment covers eligible members at all NGA Events for the fiscal year (Feb - January).
  • Hole-in-One fund can also be won on NGA sanctioned golf trips. -  By-law revision Jan. 08'  In case of daily multi-round outings, fund cannot be won if second round is a teamed event (scramble).
  • Fund will carry over year to year.
Hole-in-One Assessment Fees
Regular Fee $20.00
NGA "hole-in-One Fund" is exclusive to NGA members. Guests can not buy into the fund.

(2008) Members Eligible for Fund

  Current Hole-In-One Balance  
  1st Hole-In-1       $2000  
  2nd Hole-In-1     $1821

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