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To be eligible to win the Flaucher Trophy, member must competein all three (3) championship events.

    8th Annual "Singles Club Championship (August 29, 2009)    
    9th Annual Member/Member Club Championship (Begins (May3, 2009)    
    7th Annual Match-Play Tournament (September 27, 2009)    
Club Championship Member-Member Match-Play Total
Match-Play Tournament      
Lose 1st Round Match +1 point      
Lose 2nd Round match +3 points.      
Lose 3rd round match +5 points.      
Lose 4th round match +7 points.      
Lose 5th round match +9 points.      
and so on..        
Match-Play champion will receive the next round point values.    
Club Championship (Net Stroke-Play)    
(with 16 golfers)      
1st Place 16-Points      
2nd Place 15-Points      
3rd Place 14-Points      
4th Place 13-Points      
5th Place 12-Points      
6th Place 11-Points      
7th Place 10-Points      
and so onů      
Member-Member Club Championship (Net Better-Ball)  
(with 8 teams, each member receives value of points)    
1st Place 16-Points      
2nd Place 14-Points      
3rd Place 12-Points      
4th Place 10-Points      
5th Place 8-Points      
6th Place 6-Points      
7th Place 4-Points      
8th Place 2-Points      


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