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Nomads Golf Association Charter 

Article I - NAME

The name of this golf club shall be Nomads Golf Association, otherwise know as the NGA.

Article II - Purpose

 The purpose of the club is to promote the sport of golf in its ancient and honorable traditions, to maintain a high standard of sportsmanship, and enjoy the friendship of its members and their families. To maintain a uniform system of handicapping as set forth by the USGA Handicap System and issues USGA Handicap indexes to the members and to provide an authoritative body to govern and conduct club competitions.


Section 1. Membership shall be available to all GOLFERS (male & female) 21 years of age or older. There shall be at least 10-members, with a maximum membership of One hundred (100). Revised July 13, 2005

Section 2. Memberships in the club are individual and non-transferable. Memberships in the club are for a calendar year. The fiscal year for the club will be February 1st through January 31st.

Section 3. Golfers with a reasonable opportunity to play golf with fellow members and who can personally return scores for posting will receive USGA GHIN Handicap Indexes from the club.

Section 4 To remain a member in "good standing", each member must attend a minimum of four (4) monthly golf outings per fiscal year (February - January).  Any member living 100-miles or more from Lower Bucks County will be exempt from meeting the "outing participation" requirements.(Golf Trips are excluded, not counted as a monthly golf outing). Revised November 9, 2005

Section 5. The Executive Committee may confer honorary memberships upon those whom they feel have contributed to the advancement of golf (and or the club). The unanimous affirmative vote of the Executive committee shall be required to approve such action.

Section 6. In the event that any member of the club shall commit any act which reflects discredit or disrepute thereon or shall refuse or neglect to comply with the rules and regulations adopted by the Executive Committee or the duly appointed officers, such member shall be subject to suspension or expulsion after (ten days) written notice and the right to be heard, by a vote of two-thirds of the Executive Committee at any regular meeting for such purpose.

Section 7. A Bi-Monthly meeting of the NGA shall be held on the 2nd week of every other month. The Executive Committee shall provide for the holding of such other meetings as may be deemed necessary or desirable, and they shall call special meetings upon written petition signed by not less than (ten percent of the membership).

Section 8.  A legal quorum at any meeting shall be 10% of members present in person or by proxy at any scheduled meeting. Each active member in good standing shall be entitled to 1-vote.

Section 9 A. If making payments prior to February 15th of each year; Membership dues shall be $20 per year. Hole-in-1 fund will be $20 per year. The USGA-GHIN handicap service (provided by Keystone Public Golf Association) shall be $10 per year (or the current fees charged by KPGA). Such amounts as they deem to be adequate to operate & maintain the club. All money's collected shall accrue to the benefit of the membership. If payments are made after the 15th of February; membership fees will be increased to $30 per year. Hole-In-1 & GHIN service will remain the same as listed above. Revised November 9, 2005
Associate Membership
- Shall be issued a USGA-GHIN handicap through the NGA at a rate of $25 per year. Member will be responsible for posting of all of their scores. Associate members will not have the ability to participate in any other club functions. Added November 2005

Section 10. Hole-in-One Fund will be in a guaranteed bank account for payment when a member hit’s an ace in a NGA event or outing.  An official NGA outing must be available for all NGA members to attend; it must be posted on the web site and listed in the current NGA newsletter. The “Hole-In-One” fund will be capped  at $2000..  Additional aces will receive remaining balances or funds in $2000 increments.  Revised July 13,2005

Section 11. New members joining after December 31,2004 will pay a one time-Initiation fee of $10 plus all other annual fees.

Section 12 Any member non-compliant with Article III Section 4 during any fiscal year shall NOT be eligible for membership renewal the following year at standard membership & Hole-in-1 rates. Membership dues will be increased to $35 per year & Hole-in-1 fund will be increased to $35 per year until member becomes current for a fiscal year. Any member who is unable to meet the four (4) outing requirement rule due to a physical disability or any other valid reason, member may petition the Executive Committee for waiver of this rule.  Revised November 9, 2005

Section 13. All members will participate & be issued a USGA-GHIN handicap index through the NGA for a $10 annual fee. USGA-GHIN handicap program provided by the Keystone Public Golf Association for the current fees charged by the KPGA (currently $10 per members). Added November 2005.

Section 14. Member scoring the “Low Net score” at each outing (April 1st - November 1st) will entitle the member a bonus point for the “Win-A-Round” Standings. Revised July 14, 2004

Section 15.  Members securing GHIN handicap through another agency must have GHIN # verified by Handicap Director. Added Nov. 9, 2005.
Members can receive an USGA handicap index through the NGA (Keystone Public Golf Association - club member) for a $10 per year annual fee.  Added January 2005

Section 16. Winning a “Closest to the Pin” hole at any “monthly outing” will entitle the member a bonus point for the “Win-A-Round” Standings. November 2004

Section 17.  Member scoring the “Low Net score” at each outing will entitle the member a bonus point for the “Win-A-Round” Standings. Revised July 14, 2004



The powers, management and government of the club shall be vested in, exercised, conducted and controlled by the Executive Committee. The club shall, however, be governed basically in accordance with democratic principles, and to that end, except to the extent that vested rights of third persons dealing with the club may be affected, each power of duty conferred by these by-laws upon any officer or committee created by the club or Executive committee there of shall be subject to the control of the Executive Committee and to the same extent, each power or duty conferred upon the Executive Committee shall be subject to the control of the membership.

Section 1. The Executive Committee will consist of the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer, Handicap Director, Outing Coordinator, Web-Master and Competition Committee chairman. All must be in good standing of the Nomad Golf Association. And they shall exercise all powers of management of the club not specifically excepted by these By-Laws.

Section 2. Each elected position will be 2-year terms. All offices expire every two years on January 31st.

Section 3. Nominations for all offices will be held every two (2) -years at the November NGA monthly meetings. Nominations will also be accepted be emailing the current Treasurer/Secretary of the NGA.

Section 4. Elections will be held at January NGA meeting every 2-years.

Section 5. The Executive Committee will meet on the 1st Wednesday in June & November of each year to plan the direction of the club.


The Executive Committee shall have the power to repeal or amend any of the club by-laws. Any action by the Executive Committee to amend the by-laws will become effective after a majority vote, approving such action, by the club members present at the meeting. In addition, for this action to become effective, the majority vote must equal, at a minimum, 10% of the total number of Club members.



1. To preside as chairman at all meetings of the club. To ensure that the by-laws and the rules and regulations of the club are properly and equitably enforced, and to report to the Executive Committee or to the membership of the club any infractions by member(s) or group (s) there of.

2. To cause an audit to be made of the books and records of the club, as necessary.

3. To maintain members listing of all club members. This list will be mailed to all members in April of each year.

4. The President and Outing Controller will coordinate all activities associated with club golf trips, including establishing committees to accomplish the goal of the activity.

5. Will be a member of the Executive Committee, and preside over the annual Executive Committee meeting.

6. Will correspond with Outing Coordinator with any worthwhile events or news for newsletter.


1. During periods of absence or disability of the President, to perform his duties until he is able to resume them or until he is replaced, by a special meeting of the members.

2. To arrange and direct all of the club's amusements, celebrations or social events. To appoint such person (s) or committees as necessary to aid in the performance of his duties.

3. Responsible for coordinating all “closest to the pin” and or skins game contests at all monthly outings. Each outing shall have a minimum of two (2) closest to the pin contests.

4. To keep a full and complete record of the proceedings of the club's meetings and to make sure that all information of the club's activities are mailed to outing controller so all info can be forwarded to members, as necessary.

6. Will be a member of the Executive Committee.

7. Will correspond with Outing Coordinator with any worthwhile events or news for newsletter or web site.


1. To record the handicap of each club member that returns scores on forms provided by the NGA after each tournament or outing.

2. To review all handicaps of members for accuracy and possible adjustment bi-yearly.

3. To make available to the Web Master a listing of all club members' current handicap.

4. Will be a member of the Competition Committee.

5. Will be a member of the Executive Committee.

6. Will correspond with Outing Coordinator with any worthwhile events or news for newsletter or web site .

WEB MASTER: (Not an elected position)

1. Maintain, up-date and keep web site ( current and available to all NGA members & the World Wide Web.

2. Will be a member of the Executive Committee.

3. Will correspond with Outing Coordinator with any worthwhile events or news for newsletter or web site .




1. Maintain club checkbook, pay all bills submitted, and retain vouchers for bills submitted.

2. Use standard accounting practices to establish an accounting system unique to the needs of our club. The system designed to satisfy our needs would clearly show the total amount of money received and spent on a tournament basis. The system will also clearly state the club's financial solvency on a continual basis.

3. A bi-monthly accounting report will be provided to the membership at each bi-monthly meeting, and will be made available to any member upon request. The report will include, at a minimum, a reconciliation of the previous month's tournament revenues and expenditures, identification of all pre-tournament deposits by tournament for the current fiscal year, assets of the club (by category) and in total, total available cash, identification of club liabilities by dollar amount, breakdown of how the revenue generated from the annual renewal of club membership has been spent and the remaining balance, and a summary of the financial condition of the club.

4. Collect all monies associated with the renewal of new and existing club members. Deposit all funds in the club's checking account, after completing the renewal process. Create a new membership list for club members, and present a summary report of the renewal process to Executive Committee at the next bi-monthly meeting.

5. To coordinate all activities associated with annual renewal of existing club membership and new membership, including transmittal of this information to the NGA. These activities include any change in membership information, required to be submitted to the NGA that is maintained by the club.

6. Will be a member of the Executive Committee.

7. Will correspond with Outing Coordinator with any worthwhile events or news for newsletter or web site.


1. To secure tee times for all monthly outings for the current season a minimum of 4-days in advance.

2. To purchase awards, trophies, gift certificates, or prizes to the winners of outings and meetings as he deems appropriate.

3. To coordinate the mailing or e-mailings at the beginning of each bi-monthly season with a current NGA schedule to all members.

4. To write a club newsletter that will be included in the bi-monthly mailing or e-mail to each member. The newsletter will include any local tournaments, club schedule, NGA outing sign-up procedure and the results of last outing or any other important club news or newsworthy information.

5. Email the club web master a copy of the current schedule for posting on the club web site. The green fees charged by each course. 

6. To give the club President and web master a copy of the listing of players, by tee times, for each outing.

7. Track attendance to all club functions for purpose of updating the “win-a-round” standings. Forward results to web master for updating web site.

8. Will be a member of the Executive Committee.


1. The Competition committee will consist of at least 3-current NGA members, one of which will be the Handicap Director.

2. At first Completion committee meeting, a member will appoint a chairman of committee. (2-Year term)

3. Competition committee will determine each year’s formats of completion for annual NGA club championship outings.

4. Chairman will keep Outing Controller, web master informed on all current and proposed formats and outings being planned.

5. Committee will determine the number of flights for each years club championships. Number of flights may change year to year due to the amount of current active members.

6. Chairman of the Competition committee will be a member of the Executive Committee.

7. Will delegate the responsibility of purchasing prizes, beverages, food for annual “Singles Club Championship” buffet.

8. Will correspond with Outing Coordinator with any worthwhile events or news for newsletter or web site.


1. To judge and rule on any controversy at any competitive outing.

2. Will be a member of the “Competition Committee”.

3.  Will be a member of the Executive Committee.

4. Will correspond with Outing Coordinator with any worthwhile events or news for newsletter or web site.


The two officers of the club shall be listed on Checking account and be authorized to sign checks. TREASURER

and VICE-PRESIDENT will have authorization to write checks for the club.


No significant amount of the Club's annual membership dues will be spent without approval by the members of the Club. Approval or disapproval of the expenditure will be determined by a simple majority vote of the members present at the meeting.

Significant means any amount over ($150.00) one hundred & fifty dollars.