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Hello Golf Enthusiast,

The Keystone Public Golf Association (KPGA) is a statewide organization created in April 1990 to provide public courses and players access to golf services and information. With the founding of the KPGA, 400 or more public courses and 800,000+ public golfers were provided with an organization to represent their interests. Its 160 member clubs are spread across the state of Pennsylvania. The purpose of our organization is to provide as much information as possible to Association members. The mission of the Association is simple . . . to preserve, protect and promote the game of golf. Every KPGA activity is designed to do just that.
Ever wonder how your "golf club without re-estate" would rate against another "golf clubs" in a competitive teamed event? With the growing number of "golf clubs without re-estate", the KPGA will now be offering an avenue for these clubs to compete in a competitive team "Ryder Cup styled" golf tournament. For so long now, competitive team golf tournaments have been limited to "golf course" members to compete in (especially in southeastern Pennsylvania & Philadelphia region), if you weren't a course "member", you weren't going to play in any teamed competitive tournaments. Starting this year and running annually, the KPGA will be running the "KPGA Ryder Cup Invitational" Tournament. As a golf club without re-estate, you’re invited to compete in this team tournament. See how your club stacks up against other "golf clubs without re-estate" in this Ryder Cup styled tournament.
The format for the competition will be a five (5) match, 18-hole team net-stroke play. There will be three (3) different formats of "net stroke play" matches;
· Two (2) Singles
· Two (2) Better-ball
· One (1) Alternate shot
The "host" club for the inaugural KPGA-Ryder Cup will be Nomad Golf Association from Bucks County. Because this tournament is net-stroke play, all golfers must have a verifiable USGA – GHIN handicap. If this tournament is attractive to your golf club, reply and we'll send a entry form right out to you.

Fox Chase Golf Course , 300 Stevens Road, Stevens, PA 17578 (717/336-3673) will be the venue of the inaugural KPGA -Ryder Cup. Fox Chase is located 4-miles off Pa. Turnpike Exit #286 (Reading)