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                    Results from the competition on Sunday, 4-June.

 The Keystone Public Golf Association (KPGA) is a statewide organization created in April 1990 to provide public courses and players access to golf services and information. With the founding of the KPGA, 400 or more public courses and 800,000+ public golfers were provided with an organization to represent their interests. Its 160 member clubs are spread across the state of Pennsylvania. The purpose of this site is to provide as much information as possible to Association members. The mission of the Association is simple . . . to preserve, protect and promote the game of golf. Every KPGA activity is designed to do just that.
KPGA-Ryder Cup Results
Foxchase GC (Stevens, Pa.)
6607-Yards / 124-Slope / Par 72
5-Match Combine Net-Stroke Play
The competition was open to "all public golf course association's" & "golf clubs without real-estate" golf clubs.
There were two (2) USGA-registered Lower Bucks County based "golf clubs without real-estate" competing for this years championship; The Golf Tour of Greater Philadelphia & the Nomads Golf Association as well as the host club, Foxchase GC which is located in eastern Lancaster County (Stevens, Pa.).
The winner was determined by the combine "net score of five (5) matches of three (3) different formats of play.
Nomad Golf Association 350 (-10)
Golf Tour of Greater Philadelphia 357 (-3)
Foxchase GC 360 (even)
Purse's were given out to each of the "low net" scores in each format of competition.
Individual Net Stroke Play; Todd Gleason 69 (G.T. of G.P.)
Best-Ball; Michael Lachman & James Mallon 63 (G.T. of G.P.)
Pinehurst Alternate-Shot; Willy Westall & John Coombs 65 (NGA)
Closest to the Pins (purses for each hole)
3rd (215-yards) Allan Shannon (GT of GP) 26' 8"
6th (177-yards) Jim Chandler (Foxchase GC) 17' 6"
8th (196-yards) Pete Steffy (Foxchase GC) 14' 7"
13th (155-yards) John Coombs (NGA) 15' 5"
Nomad Golf Association (Team)
John Coombs (Captain)
Willy Westall
Tim Zemo
Frank Mahal
Lester Heller
Joe Dunphy
Frank "Buddy" MacLeod
Joe Guthrie
As defending champions, the Nomad Golf Association will pick the venue for the 2007 KPGA-Ryder Cup. Next years tournament will be held on Sunday, June 3, 2007, the venue will be announced at a later date.
The KPGA-Ryder Cup is available to all public golf course member's associations, "golf clubs without real-estate" or "golf leagues" to participate in.