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Nomads Golf Association        
2010 Match Play Brackets        
Round#1 Round#2 (Semi-Final) Round#3 (Final) Round#4 (Final)  
* Course is Players Choice * Sunday, Sept 12th * Sunday, Oct 10th * Sunday, Oct 24th  
* Must be completed by * Riverview GC * Ravens Claw GC * Center Valley GC  
end of July * Easton, PA * Pottstown, PA * Center valley, PA  
Ray Litwin (6&5)        
(Match#1) Ray Litwin      
Les Heller        
  (Match#5) Claude Adamsson (AS)    
Bruce Pajcic        
      Claude Adamsson (AS)  
(Match#2 - Old Homestead) Claude Adamsson (1 Up)      
Claude Adamsson (4&3)        
        Claude Adamsson (Hole#1 Sudden Death Playoff)
Doug Heller (1 Up)   (Match#7) (Match#8) Winner
(Match#3 - Old Homestead) Doug Heller (2 Up)      
Dave Kash     Doug Heller (AS)  
  (Match#6) Doug Heller (AS)    
Frank Prencavage (1 Up)        
(Match#4 - Honeybrook) Frank Prencavage      
John Coombs        
Points Available:        
* Ryder Cup -> Each match won you earn an additional 15 points    
* Win-A-Round -> Each match won you earn  1 additional point    
* Flaucher Trophy        
-> Loss in Round one you earn 1 point      
-> Loss in Round two you earn 3 points      
-> Loss in Round three you earn 5 points      
-> Win in Round three you earn 7 points      


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