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2010 NGA Outing Sign-up Procedure

Registration for this event is considered your commitment to play in this outing, and obligates you to attend the event unless you cancel your registration prior to the commitment date. After that deadline, in the event you cancel and if the host golf course agrees NOT to charge the NGA, you will not be charged. If the host course charges the NGA for your green fees, you will receive an electronic bill from the NGA treasurer. All fees charged because of your late cancellation must be paid prior to the next outing.

In order to cancel attending this outing, please email the NGA outing coordinator directly at 215-949-2470 or drh3rdsun@verizo,net prior to the listed commitment deadline.

In the event of inclement weather, this outing will only be canceled by the host course. In the event of inclement weather you should call the host course on the day of the outing. If the course is not closed, the outing will be held and the cancellation policy explained above will apply.

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Sun. Mar. 7th @    Royce Brook Golf Club
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Sun. Nov. 15th @ Heron Glen GC
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